I work as a product designer at Huge in London, keeping my feet between UX & Visual Design and in my spare time I’m also part of the FWA judging panel.

I like to solve complex problems with thoughtful yet beautiful scalable design solutions, working with a collaborative, product-oriented design approach, where the user is king. Keeping it simple, I like to create digital products and help brands shape their identity across multiple devices and media.
I graduated from
Hyper Island and since then, had the luck to live in cities like Milan, Stockholm, San Francisco & London, working for big and small shops like Ustwo, Hi-Res!, Mutado  and Samsung Design Innovation.

I’m currently not available to hire, but if you want to see a selection of my work you can reach me at
@nicolagypsicola or simply via email.

→ Designed in London. Runs on Semplice.